Our main objective is to research the composition of the lower atmosphere (aerosols and gases). Atmospheric processes are also investigated such as gas and aerosol dynamics, radiative effects, effects on climate and cloud formation.

Fotometru LIDAR

Research activities

  • Vertical atmospheric profiles;
  • Detection and characterization of natural and anthropogenic atmospheric aerosols;
  • Mapping of key parameters of air quality;
  • Atmospheric radiative transfer;
  • Risk and impact assessment of atmospheric aerosols;


  • Multiwavelength Raman LIDAR (EARLINET member)
  • Automatic Sun Tracking Photometer Cimel CE 318 (NASA AERONET member)
  • In situ PM Monitor- Dusttrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor Model 8533


  • ACTRIS- Aerosols, Clouds, and trace gases Research Infrastructure Network;
  • ACTRIS PPP- Aerosols, Clouds and trace gases Preparatory Phase Project;
  • ACTRIS-2- Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network;
  • CONTUR- Emerging Technologies to Counteract the Effects Induced by the Turbulent Flows of Fluid Environments;
  • InDust – International Network to Encourage the Use of Monitoring and Forecasting Dust Products
  • ISABEL- Intelligent Software for Aerosol typing Based on Earth observation products, remote sensing measurements and transport modelLing;ITALI – Investigation of the Twilight zone
  • between Aerosols and clouds usingmicrowave radiometry and multiwavelegth LIdar data;
  • SAMIRA- SAtellite based Monitoring Initiative for Regional Air quality;
  • STRATUS- SaTellite pRoducts vAlidaTion USing ground based lidar stations;
  • ROLINET- Romanian Lidar Network;
  • RADO- Romanian Armospheric research 3D Observatory.


  • Ajtai Nicolae
  • Ștefănie Horațiu
  • Botezan Camelia
  • Mereuță Alexandru
  • Radovici Andrei
  • Ștefănescu Lucrina
  • Ozunu Alexandru

Infrastructure direct public link: https://erris.gov.ro/ACTRIS-RO-UBB